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2x40cmx5m • PreserVac 40cm Wide Vacuum Rolls • 150 microns


Key Features

⦿ Strong 150 microns
⦿ PA/PE Multi-Layer
⦿ Food-Safe – Odourless – Tasteless
⦿ 100% BPA Free
⦿ X-Crossed Air-Venting-Ribs
⦿ Suitable for freezing + sous vide
⦿ 40cm Wide Vacuum Rolls


PreserVac 40cm Wide Vacuum Rolls

PreserVac’s 40cm wide vacuum seal rolls provide a convenient and versatile solution for preserving your food’s freshness. These rolls are specifically designed to fit vacuum sealer machines with a sealing bar of at least 40cm and allow you to create custom-sized bags to suit your specific food storage requirements.

Made with super-strong 150-micron X-Crossed pattern material, these rolls ensure a reliable and airtight seal that keeps your food fresh for longer periods. With PreserVac’s vacuum seal rolls, you can easily store a variety of foods, from meats to fruits and vegetables, and enjoy their freshness and quality whenever you’re ready to use them.

Never Run Out of Widfe Vacuum Rolls Again with Our Bulk Buy Offers

A reliable vacuum sealer is a must-have when it comes to preserving your food’s quality and freshness. However, running out of the PreserVac 40cm wide vacuum rolls can be frustrating and inconvenient, especially when you need them the most. That’s why we offer bulk buy offers, so you can always have them on hand whenever you need them. By stocking up and saving, you can ensure a steady supply in your drawer or cupboard. Purchasing in bulk not only saves you money but also ensures that you never run out of rolls again. Don’t let a shortage of vacuum sealer rolls disrupt your meal prep plans – stock up today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are always prepared.

Easy Ordering and Cost Savings with PreserVac Vacuum Sealer Rolls

Ordering PreserVac wide vacuum rolls is a breeze. By ordering in larger quantities, you can save on each roll added, making it an affordable option for keeping your food fresh and delicious for longer periods. Our vacuum rolls are designed with high-quality materials to ensure an airtight seal, providing maximum freshness and extended shelf life for your food. With Souspreme, you can order with confidence, knowing that you’re getting an excellent product that’s both reliable and affordable. So, whether you need vacuum rolls for home or commercial use, PreserVac has you covered. Order now and enjoy the convenience and cost savings of our 40cm wide vacuum rolls.

strong 150 microns vacuum seal bags

Strong 150 microns Thickness

Preserve your food with confidence using PreserVac’s 150 micron thickness 40cm wide vacuum sealer rolls.

FoodSafe Cryovac Bags

FoodSafe – Odourless – Tasteless

These wide vacuum rolls offer superior durability compared to standard vacuum foils, providing an extra layer of protection against tears and punctures.

100% BPA-Free Food Vacuum Sealer Bags

100% BPA-Free

With PreserVac’s BPA-free vacuum sealer foils, you can ensure that your food stays fresh without any harmful chemicals.

Freezer + sous vide vacuum bags

Suitable for freezing & sous vide

This means your food stays protected from air exposure, freezer burn, and other factors that can cause it to spoil.

reusable vacuum pack bags

Large Variety of Sizes

Simply select the width of the roll you need and the quantity of rolls required.

Extend Shelf life with vacuum packaging

Longer food shelf life

With PreserVac’s 150 micron thickness vacuum sealer rolls, you can rest assured that your food will remain fresh and delicious for extended periods.

Flexible and Versatile Vacuum Rolls for All Food Storage Needs

PreserVac X-Crossed vacuum sealer rolls are the ideal solution for keeping your food fresh for longer. Made from 100% BPA-free materials, these vacuum sealer rolls are safe for storing all types of food, from meats to fruits and vegetables. At 150 microns thick, these rolls are twice as thick as standard vacuum foils, making them highly durable and resistant to tearing. This added strength ensures that your food is well-protected against freezer burn, air exposure, and other factors that can cause it to spoil.

Keep Your Food Fresh with PreserVac X-Crossed Vacuum Rolls

The 2 x (40cm x 3m) size of these vacuum sealer rolls provides ample space for storing larger food items or multiple smaller ones, while the X-Crossed microchannel design maximizes air extraction, creating an airtight seal that keeps your food fresh and flavourful for extended periods. Choose PreserVac X-Crossed 40cm wide vacuum rolls for superior food preservation, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your food is well-protected.

X-Crossed Microchannel Design for Maximum Freshness

PreserVac’s wide vacuum rolls feature an X-Crossed microchannel design that facilitates maximum air extraction and ensures a tight seal, preserving the freshness of your food. With this advanced design, you can extend the shelf life of your food while also maintaining its quality and flavour. The rolls are 40cm wide, making them versatile for different types of food, and can be cut to size to suit your specific needs.

Whether you need to store meats, fruits, or vegetables, these vacuum sealer rolls will keep your food fresh and flavorful for longer periods. Choose PreserVac’s 40cm wide vacuum rolls for reliable and effective food preservation, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your food is protected.

Perfect protection

Choose PreserVac's 100% BPA-free vacuum sealer foils for maximum food freshness and safety.

Versatile material

These wide vacuum sealer rolls are designed to be versatile and convenient for storing different types of food, including meats, fruits, vegetables, and more.

Keep fresh

The foils are designed to provide maximum freshness by creating an airtight seal that prevents air and moisture from entering the packaging.

Cost effective

Investing in 40cm vacuum rolls can be a cost-effective solution for preserving your food and reducing waste in the long run.


The extra thickness ensures that your food is well-preserved, without sacrificing its quality or flavour. Plus, the rolls are compatible with most vacuum sealer machines, making it easy to create custom-sized bags that fit your specific needs.

Hot + Cold

These 40cm wide vacuum rolls are designed to be used for both hot and cold applications, allowing you to preserve and store your food in a variety of ways.


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