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Souspreme Australia

Timeless Design

Souspreme appliances are suitable for modern use, and the design is timeless

Souspreme Quality Appliances

Souspreme sells appliances of high quality standards


Get the most advantages out of your products.

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Innovative, practical & timeless

Design that is both cutting-edge and functional, as well as transcending trends, accurately describes Souspreme products.

Functional vacuum sealer or a high-performance sous vide machines, our commitment to exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail is evident in all of our offerings, satisfying even the most demanding of customers.

PreserVac PXR-P2 Souspreme Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer

PreserVac PXR-P2

Australia's Ultimative ALL-in-ONE Food Vacuum Sealer

Quality Standards

Vacuum Sealers

Premium design and optimal performance for best results


Souspreme vacum sealers are versatile and fully-equipped vacuum sealing machines that allows you to preserve and prepare food like a pro at home. With operating modes for dry and moist food, as well as often with a Pulse Vacuum function, our vacuum sealing machines can handle even pressure-sensitive foods.

Additionally, a marinating function allows you to quickly and effectively marinate meats, fish, and vegetables in a vacuum, while vacuum-sealed bags can also be used for sous-vide cooking. Upgrade your cooking skills and explore the many possibilities.

Original price was: $349.90.Current price is: $299.90.


Original price was: $299.90.Current price is: $279.90.


All Souspreme vacuum systems are designed to handle a variety of food types, including both dry and moist, hard and soft foods.
They can even handle pressure-sensitive products such as eggs with ease.

Explore the jewels
in vacuum packaging

These words perfectly sum up the essence of Souspreme products. Whether it’s the modern vacuum sealers, the practical vacuum container or our durable vacuum bags & rolls.

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