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Food Vacuum Seal Bags

Food vacuum seal bags extend the shelf life of food, reduce food waste, and keep food fresh and safe by removing air from the packaging, preserving the freshness and structure of your food for up to five times longer than other storage methods.

Vacuum Sealer Bags

Vacuum seal bags are designed for extending the shelf life of food, reducing food waste, and preserving food freshness by removing air from the packaging.

LAVA R-Vac Vacuum Sous Vide Bags

Seal in Freshness, Stock Up with Care;
Food Vacuum Seal Bags, Your Pantry's Perfect Pair!

Be prepared and never run out of vacuum seal bags when you need them most by taking advantage of our bulk buy offers. Stock up and save, ensuring they're always on hand in your draw or cupboard.

Timeless design

Souspreme products are designed to be timeless, making them suitable for modern use.

Very strong

Thick 150 microns vacuum seal bags provide added protection and durability for long-term food storage and against puncture, tear or puncture.

Quality items

As an Australian company, Souspreme sells products that meet high quality standards.

Vacuum Seal Bags Advantages

Food vacuum seal bags extend the shelf life of food by removing air from the packaging, slowing down spoilage and keeping flavors intact.
They reduce food waste by allowing you to store food for longer periods of time.

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