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SAMMIC V702 PKI Jumbo Magic Vac 40cm


SAMMIC Jumbo Magic Vac V702 PKI (40cm)

SAMMIC Jumbo Magic Vac V702 PKI (40cm) Vacuum Sealer

SAMMIC Jumbo Magic Vac V702 PKI (40cm)

SAMMIC Jumbo Magic Vac V702 PKI (40cm) Vacuum Sealer incorporates a patented lock & unlock system that ensures user convenience. This innovative feature allows for the automatic packing cycle by securely locking and releasing the bag introduction area, reducing the need for manual intervention. The lock & unlock system is equipped with a gas spring, facilitating gentle lid opening for smooth operation.

Versatile and Heavy-Duty Performance

Designed for heavy-duty use, the Magic Vac Jumbo Vacuum Sealer enhances the storage time of your food products, effectively extending their freshness. With its powerful air extraction capabilities provided by a self-lubricating double pump, this vacuum sealer creates an airtight seal for long-lasting preservation. The 40 cm sealing bar, equipped with a cooling system, enables intensive and continuous use in commercial settings.

Additional Features for Enhanced Functionality

The Magic Vac Jumbo Vacuum Sealer offers a range of additional features to meet your vacuum sealing needs. Its automatic marinating feature allows for convenient marination of food items. You can cook large quantities of food and portion them for refrigeration or freezing, thanks to the Magic Vacuum Sealer’s ability to create airtight seals. The impermeable keyboard with multifunction soft-touch controls ensures ease of use, while the vacuum value analogue indicator provides visual feedback. The SAMMIC Jumbo Magic Vac V702 PKI (40cm) Vacuum Sealer also features an extra-large guaranteed hold seal, a pull-out washable condensate tray for easy cleaning, and oversized rubber feet for stability during operation.


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