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PreserVac PXR-K1 Domestic Food Vacuum Sealer 30cm

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Key Features

⦿ PreserVac Food Vacuum Sealer PXR-K1
⦿ Smallest All-in-One Vacuum Sealer
⦿ Integrated Roll Holder + Roll Cutter
⦿ DC Motor & Dual Pump
⦿ Pulse vacuum function
⦿ Marinating in Minutes

⦿ 100 Cycles Non-Stop without Overheating
⦿ 30 cm Wide Single Sealing Bar
⦿ -0.8 bar Vacuum Pressure
⦿ 12 Ltr/Min
⦿ Includes 1 Test Vacuum Seal Roll 28cm x 3m
⦿ 1 year domestic warranty

PreserVac Domestic Food Vacuum Sealer PXR-K1

The PreserVac PXR-k1 All-in-One Domestic Food Vacuum Sealer is a perfect choice, for all food preservation applications at home.

A Versatile and Powerful Domestic Food Vacuum Sealer for Fresh Food Preservation

Keep your food fresh and extend its shelf life with PreserVac’s K1 all-in-one domestic food vacuum sealer! With a built-in roll holder, cutter, and pulse function, it’s never been easier to create custom-sized vacuum-sealed bags for your groceries. Say goodbye to freezer burn and food waste, and enjoy the convenience of our versatile and efficient food vacuum sealer in your kitchen today!

Stylish Black Stainless Steel

The sleek domestic food vacuum sealer boasts a stylish design with a durable ABS plastic body and a modern black stainless steel cover.

Enhanced Preservation & Marination

Using the PreserVac K1 food vacuum containers and a reliable vacuum sealer allows for marinating or long-term preservation of food by removing air, sealing in freshness, and enhancing flavour retention.

Hassle-Free Maintenance with Removable Drip Tray

The convenient removable drip tray in the domestic food vacuum sealer is specially designed to collect excess moisture from moist vacuuming goods, making cleanup a breeze and ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Versatile Foam Sealings for Your Vacuum Sealer

The foam sealings in this food vacuum sealer are not glued, allowing for easy replacement and customization, providing versatility for your vacuum sealing needs.

The Space-Saver

The PreserVac K1 domestic food vacuum sealer comes with built-in hooks in the base that neatly wrap and conceal unused cables, making storage a breeze whether it’s placed on the back or side, and maximizing space in your kitchen.

Integrated Roll Holder and Foil Cutter

The PreserVac all-in-one design of this vacuum sealer includes an integrated roll compartment and foil cutter, providing unmatched convenience and ease of use for vacuum packing food.

Keep Your Food Fresher for Longer with Our All-in-One Food Vacuum Sealer!

Say goodbye to spoilage and food waste with our innovative food vacuum sealer! Featuring a convenient roll holder, cutter, and pulse function, our all-in-one sealer allows you to create custom-sized vacuum-sealed bags for your groceries. Experience extended food freshness with our reliable and efficient solution.

Preserve all kind of Foods with Ease

Puls Function

The pulse function on your vacuum sealer gives you precise control over the pressure level, allowing you to preserve delicate or moist foods without crushing them, ensuring optimal freshness and flavour retention, and vacuum pack even liquids


The touch-sensitive control panel is designed for user-friendliness, making it simple and easy for anyone to operate the machine with ease and convenience.

Preserves from Freezer Burn

Vacuum-packing is an effective method to protect food from freezer burn, helping to minimize food waste and maintain the quality and freshness of food for an extended period of time.

Automatic and Manual Mode

The domestic vacuum sealer K1 provides the convenience of both automatic and manual sealing modes, giving you the flexibility to switch to manual mode for instant sealing on demand, providing more control and flexibility in the preservation process.

Flexible Vacuum-packing

The PreserVac K1 offers the flexibility of normal and gentle settings, with the gentle mode featuring reduced vacuuming speed for delicate pressure-sensitive food, ensuring proper preservation without exposing the food to excessive pressure, and maintaining its freshness and quality.

Strong seals

This domestic food vacuum sealer's extra strong 2.5 mm weld seam ensures tight seals, effectively preserving food by maintaining a vacuum-packed state, extending its shelf life and preventing food waste.

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 16 × 11 cm


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