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Oliso Pro VS95A Smart 12V Vacuum Sealer


Oliso Pro VS95A Smart 12Volt Vacuum Sealer

Oliso Pro VS95A Smart 12Volt Vacuum Sealer

Oliso Pro VS95A Smart 12V Vacuum Sealer

Unlike traditional vacuum sealers, the Oliso Pro VS95A Smart 12V Vacuum Sealer offers a unique approach to bag sealing. Instead of requiring you to cut and create your own bags, it uses zip-top bags that can be reused and vacuumed multiple times. With its revolutionary sealing method, this unit makes a small incision, extracts the air, and then seals around the incision. This innovative design not only enhances the performance with liquids but also eliminates the need to seal an entire side of the bag. The compact size and automatic bag detection further contribute to the convenience and ease of use.

The Oliso Smart Vacuum Sealer™: Innovative Technology for Optimal Food Storage

Experience the best vacuum sealing results with the Oliso Smart Vacuum Sealer™. This exceptional appliance features a commercial-power dual motor system that ensures superior performance and efficiency. Utilizing patented dual-seal Freshkeeper® technology, this vacuum sealer takes food storage to the next level by maximizing freshness and extending the shelf life of your favorite ingredients.

Complete Package for Enhanced Food Storage

The Oliso Smart Vacuum Sealer™ package comes with everything you need to elevate your food storage capabilities. In addition to the VS95A Smart Vacuum Sealer itself, the package includes 3 Medium Vac-snap bags and 2 Large Vac-snap bags for versatile storage options. The Flexi Tube and Zip Disc expand the functionality of the vacuum sealer, while the Wine and Olive Oil Freshkeeper add value to your culinary experiences. With its recognition as the recipient of the prestigious Madrid Fusion award in January 2011, the Oliso Pro VS95A Smart 12V Vacuum Sealer stands out as a top choice for culinary enthusiasts seeking optimal food preservation.


Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 43.2 × 31 × 12 cm


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