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LAVA V.300 Premium 34cm


Lava V300 Premium

The Lava V300 Premium External Food Vacuum Sealer

Lava V300 Premium

The Lava V300 Premium External Food Vacuum Sealer offers the convenience of both manual and automatic functions, making vacuum packing large quantities of produce effortless. Equipped with a pressure gauge and a variable pressure valve, this machine allows you to adjust and lower the pressure as needed. This feature is particularly useful for quickly and efficiently vacuuming softer food items. Assembled in Germany, Lava machines are renowned for their quality and come with a 2-year warranty.

The V300 PREMIUM is compatible with both vacuum bags and continuous rolls. Like all out-of-chamber machines in the LAVA Range, it works specifically with ribbed bags. It can accommodate sizes up to 30cm wide and removes the air from a medium-sized bag (20cm x 30cm) in approximately 10 seconds. The V300 PREMIUM is now equipped with a double seal, featuring seal strips that are 5mm wide each. The pressure gauge on this model provides accurate vacuum pressure readings. Additionally, the PREMIUM range includes magnetic strips, minimizing the amount of pressure required to secure the lid. With fully automatic and manual modes, the V300 PREMIUM has become a popular choice among domestic users.

Moreover, the V300 PREMIUM can be used to vacuum seal acrylic containers using the provided vacuum pump attachment. These containers are perfect for preserving the freshness of salads, fruits, and vegetables, extending their shelf life by up to five times compared to regular storage. The acrylic LAVA containers are safe for use in the fridge, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher, offering versatility and convenience.

Double sealing of the bags, perfect for items with increased liquid content. Accommodates pore sizes up to a width of 34 cm. A highly accurate and reliable machine. Pressure gauge, fully automatic operation, while allowing manual adjustment of vacuum pressure and manual sealing of the bag (to adjust the vacuum pressure, you need a Lava L+Pressure Regulator, available as an additional accessory). The machine achieves a maximum vacuum pressure of up to -0.96 bar. Suitable for private homes, large households, businesses, and more.

Souspreme’s bestseller! With automatic sealing and pressure gauge. And with oversized relays, motor, and pump, Lava guarantees that you can perform 1000 consecutive vacuum operations without the machine overheating. This is part of Lava’s philosophy.

The professional vacuum packer V.300 Premium – New and sleek design.

Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 41 × 23 × 10 cm


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