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LAVA V.200 Premium 34cm

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LAVA V.200 Premium

LAVA V.200 Premium Food Vacuum Packaging Machine

LAVA V.200 Premium

Introducing the LAVA V.200 Premium Food Vacuum Packaging Machine – the original and technologically superior choice. Our machines are designed for serious work, delivering exceptional vacuum results both today and for years to come.

The professional Vacuum Sealer features a sealing bar length of 340 mm and stands out with its robust double-sealing capability and the innovative LCS and LTP systems. The vacuum process is conveniently displayed on the LED screen of the V200 premium model. Starting from the V200 series, all machines are fully automatic, streamlining your vacuum sealing experience. With the advanced Premium-pumps, the V.200 achieves a maximum negative pressure of -0.94 bar. The LAVA V.200 Premium vacuum sealer is suitable for various settings, including households, catering and retail sectors, as well as industrial environments.

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 41 × 23 × 10 cm


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