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LAVA V.100 Premium 34cm


LAVA V.100 Premium Food Vacuum Sealer

LAVA V100 Premium External Food Vacuum Sealer Cryovac Machine

LAVA V.100 Premium Food Vacuum Sealer

Why should you choose the LAVA V100 Premium External Food Vacuum Sealer Cryovac Machine over the basic one? The V100 Premium offers additional features that enhance your work efficiency. It includes a double sealing bar, the ‘Lava Turbo Pump’ capable of removing 35 liters of air per minute at a pressure of -0.9 bar, and the unique ‘Lava Close System’ with a magnetic lid. This external bag machine is designed for use with embossed vacuum sealer bags or continuous rolls up to a maximum width of 34cm. When a full vacuum is achieved, the pressure indicator changes from white to red, signaling the activation of the sealer switch. Within a few seconds, the lid can be safely released.

The PREMIUM range also features a magnetic Lava CloseSystem LCS, reducing the amount of pressure needed to secure the lid.

In addition to preserving freshness and preventing freezer burn, the vacuum-sealed bags are suitable for Sous Vide water baths, ensuring precise food preparation.

By utilizing the pump attachment included with the V100 Premium, you can extend the storage life of delicate foods using various Lava accessories. For example, storing delicate foods in Lava acrylic vacuum containers keeps items like cheese biscuits fresh and crisp, minimizing unnecessary waste. Additionally, imagine freezing your homemade soup in a Lava container. When you’re ready to enjoy it, simply heat the entire container, along with its contents, in the microwave.

The LAVA V.100 Premium provides the solutions for easy, convenient storage while reducing wastage.

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 41 × 23 × 10 cm


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