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20x30cmx50pcs • LAVA R-Vac Sous Vide Bags


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Key Features

⦿ Made in Switzerland
⦿ PA/PE Multi-Layer
⦿ Food-Safe – Odourless – Tasteless
⦿ 100% BPA Free
⦿ Finest Fleece Mesh structure
⦿ Suitable for freezing + sous vide


LAVA R-Vac Sous Vide Bags - Swiss Made Premium Quality for Your Food

Introducing the LAVA R-Vac Embossed Sous Vide Bags, the ultimate choice for vacuum-sealing your food and products. These high-quality bags are made in Switzerland and are designed to meet the highest standards of quality. With their embossed or textured design, they offer superior performance and versatility, making them perfect for use with your Lava vacuum sealer or any other vacuum sealer model on the market.

Design and Product Benefits of Embossed Vacuum Sealer Bags

The LAVA R-Vac Sous Vide Bags feature a lightly structured and embossed design that offers several benefits. The extra fine structure on one side of the bag allows fluids to be drawn upwards slowly, ensuring a thorough vacuum sealing process. It’s important to note the width of your welding on your vacuum device for a perfect seal. These bags are made from super-strong and tear-resistant materials, with up to 4-layer laminated PA/PE construction, ensuring durability and longevity. They are also 100% BPA-free and free of softeners, making them safe for food storage.

strong 150 microns vacuum seal bags

Strong PA-PE MultiLayer

PA-PE multilayer sous vide bags are designed with multiple layers of high-quality materials, such as polyamide (PA) and polyethylene (PE), for superior durability, puncture resistance, and long-term food storage.

FoodSafe Cryovac Bags

FoodSafe – Odourless – Tasteless

These sous vide bags are crafted with the highest standards of food safety, ensuring they are completely odourless and tasteless for a pristine culinary experience.

100% BPA-Free Food Vacuum Sealer Bags

100% BPA-Free

These sous vide bags are crafted from premium materials and are 100% BPA-free, providing peace of mind for health-conscious consumers who prioritize food safety in their kitchen.

Freezer + sous vide vacuum bags

Suitable for Freezer & Sous Vide

Designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, these sous vide bags are versatile and can be used for both hot temperature cooking, such as sous vide, and for storing food in the freezer.

reusable vacuum pack bags

Reusable Sous Vide Bags

These sous vide bags are not only high-quality and durable, but they are also reusable, making them a sustainable choice for food storage and cooking, reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Extend Shelf life with vacuum packaging

Longer Food Shelf Life

These versatile sous vide bags are not only ideal for cooking sous vide, but also for preserving food and extending its shelf life, helping to reduce food waste and keep your ingredients fresher for longer.

Versatile and Convenient for Your Needs

The LAVA R-Vac Sous Vide Bags are designed to be airtight and suitable for storage in cooling and freezing for several years. They are food-safe, tasteless, and odorless, making them ideal for preserving the freshness and flavor of your food. These bags are also microwave and boiling bag safe, withstanding temperatures up to +95°C, making them perfect for sous-vide low-temperature cooking. They are also dishwasher-safe and reusable, allowing for multiple uses and easy cleaning.

Customizable Sous Vide Bag Options and Expert Recommendation

If you need a special size, Lava offers customization options with a minimum order quantity of 3,000 bags. Lava recommends using their original vacuum-foils for optimal performance and to ensure a long life for your products. These embossed or textured vacuum-sealer bags are designed exclusively for Lava and are made from high-quality materials, with no BPA or recycled materials used in production. Contact Us!

Made in Switzerland

These sous vide bags are crafted in Switzerland to the highest quality standards, ensuring exceptional performance and durability. Made with premium materials, they are designed to meet the rigorous demands of sous vide cooking and food preservation.

Maintain Taste + Freshness

Preserve the freshness of your food with these sous vide bags, which are free from potentially harmful chemicals. Designed to maintain taste and freshness, these bags prevent contamination and ensure high-quality results.

Food Safe Sous Vide Bags

With their 100% BPA-free composition, the LAVA R-Vac sous vide bags offer a safer and healthier solution for storing food, providing peace of mind and ensuring that your food remains free from harmful chemicals.

Finest Fleece Structure

Featuring a fine fleece structure, these multilayer sous vide bags are optimized for fast and efficient operation, allowing for quick and convenient vacuum sealing, making them the ideal choice for busy kitchens.


With their reusable design, these sous vide bags offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for food storage. Reduce waste, save money, and minimize your environmental impact with these sustainable and reusable bags.

Reduce Food Waste

These sous vide bags are versatile, not only for sous vide cooking but also for food preservation, reducing food waste, and extending shelf life. Enjoy fresher, longer-lasting food with these high-quality, multi-purpose bags.

Wide Range of Sous Vide Bag Sizes. Suitable for All Vacuum Machine Brands

Lava offers a wide range of embossed and textured vacuum-sealer bags in over 40 sizes, making them compatible with various machine brands. These bags provide a reliable and efficient solution for all your vacuum-sealing needs, whether for home or professional use. Experience the premium quality and performance of LAVA R-Vac Sous Vide Bags and ensure the freshness and longevity of your food and products.

In summary, the LAVA R-Vac Embossed Sous Vide Bags are the perfect choice for your vacuum-sealing needs. Made in Switzerland with premium quality materials, these bags are designed with an embossed or textured structure for superior performance. They are versatile, durable, and reusable, and offer airtight sealing for long-term storage. With a wide range of sizes available, these bags are suitable for use with various machine brands. Trust LAVA R-Vac Sous Vide Bags for the highest quality and reliability in vacuum-sealing your food and products.

Dimensions 30 × 20 cm

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    Exceptional quality

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    Top quality

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